Friday, April 22, 2011

Keepin' it movin'

Not much "new" stuff to blog about lately. Just training, working, sleeping, and eating. Pretty much what has become the norm lately.

This past week, like just about every week so far this year, I've put together some solid days. It's amazing to think how much I can train and how effective it is since I've really put a priority on recovery. Now, I don't go crazy or anything, just a little simple self massage ala my 'stick' recovery tool and some foam rolling, as well as solid sleep at night. I eat a lot, but not what I'd consider completely healthy, but the calories come in. It's amazing to think that I used to try and train this much on close to 4 hours of sleep a night!

On the bike I've been killing it. I've reached a whole new level of handling skills (and I always considered myself a good mountain bike handler) and have been putting in laps around my local trails faster than ever. I'd typically been puttng down times around 1:20 for the 13 mile lap with about 3000 feet of climbing (not straight up but cumulative-this is LONG ISLAND!), but this week I was consistantly able to ride in around 1:10. The most suprising thing about this is that I wasn't actually trying to ride fast, just steady. Needless to say, VERY happy with what I'm able to do on the bike right now.

This weekend looks like it's going to be a wash, literally. Rain is forcast tomorrow through Tuesday, so I think I might take the opportunity to rest up a bit and get some 'life' things done. Cleaning NEEDS to happen, and I've got some errands to run.

Again, I'm super excited for this season and I'll post up my race schedule as soon as it's official. What I'm thinking about right now is:

XTERRA Devil Man tri (NJ) May 1
Mohican 100 mtb race June 4
Stoopid 50 mtb race June 12
Wilderness 101 mtb race July 30
Wildcat Epic mtb stage race August 12
Schiff Scout XTERRA tri August 28 (I think)

There are gonna be a few more XTERRA's sprinkled in I think, and maybe some weekend cycling road races as well. Pretty sure the only racing on pavement will be the road races. I'm just not really all that crazy about pavement as it is.

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