Monday, April 11, 2011


Wow the last couple weeks have just flown by. Trying to sell bikes, working, training, and sleeping has ruled my life and left little time for anything else. It's been worth it though as I've sold all but just about one of my bikes, and I'm getting stronger and stronger with each day of training. Training wise, there was a week in there where I felt like crap. Tired, tired, tired. Motivation was, as always, high, but my body just wasn't responding. It's funny though, because right after that low point (and perhaps taking it a little easy that week), I've shot out like a rocket! My legs feel stronger than they ever have, and riding a bike powerfully and fast are a reality. In all honesty, it's actually a little scary, and I've gotta be responsible with it. I like going fast and I like pushing big gears. I've found it easy to get wrapped up in flying down the road/trail, and getting a little distracted and missing the point of each workout. I have to stay disciplined enough to realize that everything has to be done in a certain way or else I'm gonna blow up sooner or later. The last bit of the puzzle for me, and the one I've missed the past couple weeks has been diet. I'm a garbage can when it comes to eating. I'll go one day very mindful and healthy, and then the next will be all Oreos and French Fries. I'm gonna have to dial things in a bit more to keep getting gains for sure. Otherwise things are just moving along day after day. I'm going to try and get back to posting some videos now that the weather is nice. My camera is getting dusty!

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