Thursday, April 28, 2011

Needed Rest

You're body will tell you when it's time to take a step back-IF you're listening.

There's a great scene in the movie Million Dollar Baby where the narrator of all narrators, Morgan Freeman, explains that the boxer's will can allow them to continue, but the body will tell you when to stop. I'm paraphrasing, but he explains, "Turn the neck to far in one way from a punch, and the body will tell you it's time to sleep".

Well, today my body told me to sleep. I went to bed with sore legs, tired body, and fried mind. I work up feeling lightheaded, still with sore legs, and not ready to persue the day the way I usually am. My quads were sore to the touch. Not a day to go ride the bike.

This perdicament I found myself was, of course, due to my own stubborness. I hadn't taken a proper rest day in about two weeks, and took every day out too hard. Even on my "rest" days, I spun not-so-easy in a stupid "non-recovery" ride. Stupid, just stupid.

So I paid for it today, and I had to take a complete rest day. Sure I could have got out on the bike, but it would have dug me into an even deeper hole. And while I'm not expecting anything super-human from my race this weekend, I still would like to go out and race hard. I always go for the win no matter what, and I don't want this to be any different.

In other news, I nailed down my trip to see Anne next month and I can't be happier. I'm a little nervous about the travel, being that I have to fly into Madrid (a city and airport I've never been to), get my bags from bag check-including my bike, trek across the airport, re-check my bags, and then hop on a flight down to Malaga. Technically, with my layover, it seems possible. In reality though, shit happens and I'm prepping myself to have to literally RUN across the airport with my bike in tow. Gonna be interesting to say the least, but in all reality, I'd be more than happy to show up in Malaga with nothing more than the clothes on my back if it meant a chance to be with Anne. Yeah I'm a what, it's MY blog!:)

So that's it. Looking forward to a good weekend with a solid race on Sunday. First race of the season and no butterflies...could be good or bad. We'll see on Sunday.

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