Sunday, April 3, 2011

More thoughts on my 29er

Ok, so earlier I posted that I was going for a ride on my 26er today to compare the feel of the 26inch wheels to the 29er I've been riding for the past week. Earlier in the week I'd done a lap around local trails (13 miles) on the 29er and was shocked at what I found. It was my first ride on the big wheels, and even with some stops to tweek things on the bike (for a total of about 5-8 minutes), I held the same time I usually do for a similar ride (without stops) on the 26er. Moreso, my heart rate average was lower by 2 bpm on the bigger wheels. The lap of these trails is something that you would think would be perfect for a 26er. Twisty and tight singletrack, complete with short, punchy climbs and some rocky and techy, steep and quick descents. It's a trail that definitely feels faster on the 26er. With the 29er though, everything feels flattened out. In a lot of ways it's actually kinda boring-but in a good way. Efficiency is there, and once the bike gets up to rolling, it doesn't stop. Crazy what 3 little inches can do (ok, that sounds bad, but you get the idea!). So I'm compltely sold on the 29ers. I've come full circle now, and realize how much of an advantage they are with better geomety and lighter components. The 26ers are fun, but for the type of stuff I'll be in to this season and for the forseeable future, I'm gonna go 29 full on. Anyone wanna buy some real nice 26inch hardtails? Seriously!

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