Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ride Today

I'm just SOOO diesel:)


More Fiiiiiiire!

Absolutely AWESOME ride today. For the first time since I can't remember, it was actually HOT today! That's right, HOT! Before I left the house I was worried that only wearing a jersey and bibs with no armwarmers or knee warmers might be jumping the gun a bit, but once I got out in the good 'ole humidity of Long Island, I was more than good. Actually got tan lines today!

I started out at home-something I don't often do, but now plan on doing much more in the future. I'm not sure exactly why I've never ridden to the trails, being that they're only about 5 or so miles away from my front door, but I usually find myself driving to the trailhead. What an aweful waste of gas!

Anyway, one thing became glaringly clear from the first pedal stroke on pavement: Riding a mountain bike on pavement is HARD damn work! The 5 miles felt more like 20, and the effort was much, much higher (obviously) than it would have been on my road bike. Awesome strength builder in the legs, and 28psi tires on the road feel like you're pedaling in quicksand. Nevertheless, I got to the trails and rode, and rode and rode.

The ride ended several hours later with me being near dehydration. I don't think I'm even close to acclimating to the heat, and today just took it right out of me. I've been drinking fluids since finishing, but still have that dull "hangover" headache... One of these days I'll learn!

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