Friday, April 15, 2011

So much going on...

Once again, I'm slow with a review/pics of a product. I'm not very savy with downloading pics and whatnot, so this might take a few more days. I'll say one thing for sure though, no bike, road or mtb, comes close to how nice the Superfly is. It's amazingly fast, nimble, and stiff as a board, not to mention light as a feather. And all this, riding the bike completely stock! I didn't even convert it to tubeless or the first ride! After spending a couple hours on it the other day, I can say I'm happy with it. I'll most likely make some little tweaks here and there, but for now it is what it is-a ROCKET right out of the box! I've recently been of the mind that most all bikes are the same. Sure there are different companies with different gimmicks, but I got sick of all the suppossed hype that companies put into the marketing of their bikes. Now I definitely have changed my mind. There's no substitute for the money and thought that goes into engineering top bikes. Sure lower end models might not be all that different company to company, but I think what most big companies do well is make their bikes well. The Trek/Fisher Superfly is not just a bike, it's a piece of thoughtfully developed machinery with no other purpose than propelling you the fastest and smoothest way possible. I've never ridden a better bike. Never. Sorry for sounding like an ad for Trek, but I really am that impressed with this bike. It does EVERYTHING well, and I'm excited to ride it more and more. I'll have pics and vid up as soon as I get the chance, though it might be a while before I can take my attention away from riding!

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