Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If it's nice, ride.

The best day of the season arrived today so I had no choice but to saddle up and get a ride in. *in reality no matter what the weather I probably would have "saddled up" and gotten a ride in-I just like to ride bikes:).

Anyway, got in a dope ride on a completely gorgeous day, with temps in the "hot" category. I was sweating like a pig and loving every second of it. Ended up with a substantial amount of miles, salty, and with some razor sharp tanlines to show for my efforts. I could have fueled a bit better-actually hydrated better is more like it, but I still enjoyed the day completely.

I decided to ride my mtb on the roads again for a bit of time before hitting up the singletrack. I find it amazing how much different it is to ride the dirt after getting in some road miles. The pace is really a shock as you go from pretty fast to what feels like a slog in the dirt. Of course it isn't exactly a "slog", but you get the idea. I reall think it's always a good idae to get used to diffeent things on the bike because you never really know what is going to be thrown at you at any given time.

While riding today I realized something: I've been doing this for a lot longer than I thought I have. Before I got my driver's license, I would ride my mtb on the road, duck through some trails, then back on the road again to wherever I was headed. Pretty much the same thing I'm doing now....infact, EXACTLY the same thing I'm doing now-albeit a lot faster and in lycra:). Interesting how things come full circle like that!

The rest of the week is suppossed to be pretty crappy weather with lots of rain and thunderstorms. I should be racing this weekend, but it'll have to depend on whether or not I have a car to make the journey. The XTERRA I plan on is over 2 hours away by car, and the fact that I don't exactly have a car right now might get in the way of that. Hopefully things work out:). We'll see...

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