Monday, June 20, 2011

It's coming...


  1. I'm not sure if that picture is big enough. I think you should make it bigger. ;)

    Very nice though! You must be soooo anxious!

  2. Haha, yeah, I couldn't figure out how to make it smaller. Gets the point across thought right? :) I'm most likely not picking it up for a while, but the shop ordered it for me anyway. There were only 2 left in the whole country as of Saturday! Now there's only one! Never too early to get ready for 'cross season!:)

  3. I just got my first XC bike ever a few weeks ago. I built it nearly identical to my Leadville 29er race bike so it has flat bars. I wanted to try it before I start saving my pennies (300,000 of them) for a Moots Ti. What is your bike made of? It looks steel or Ti?

  4. Lucho-Dude the moots is awesome! That's a lot of pennies!:) I thought you were an I-Fab man though? :) This one's steel. I've never had a steel bike and figured since I could get a good deal on this one I'd jump on it. A buddy of mine who is REALLY into cross tells me that it's more about tire and wheel choice over frame material. The few 'cross races I have done were on mavic aksiums so they're my only reference. Not a bad wheel, but I'm sure there's better. I couldn't run too low a tire pressure with them (clinchers) so I'm sure that held me back as well.
    Man, I'm psyched to follow your training leading up to Leadville! I'm still bummed I didn't get in. I might be heading out your way at the end of this summer though-still thinking about re-locating there! Just have to find a job first!

  5. I am an I-Fab guy but the Moots are just too sweet. Plus they're made here in Colorado. The first MTB I had was Schwinn Paramount steel, silver brazed frame. The shop I worked in also sold Waterford and Gunnar (sweet XC frame there too). I've been a steel fan ever since. I bought my wife a Reynolds 853 steel frame last year. The only thing that trumps steel (IMO) is Ti. When I was sponsored by Merlin I used to get two full bikes per year to keep. I was in idiot for never getting a MTB or an XC frame. They would have made me a custom XC frame had I just asked. Wheels and tires seem to also rule the 29er world. The key to getting a bike under 24 pounds is the wheels (and fork).
    Leadville is going to be a blast, I can't wait! Hopefully you can make the move out here!

  6. T-Totally would LOVE to get a Ti 29er! I've actually had my eye on a Moots, but just don't have the coin for it right now. I've got one of the Fisher Collection Superfly's and it's great. You're right though, wheels and tires make a HUGE difference with 29er's. My old '07 Paragon had heavy wheels that made it feel like a beach cruiser. My current race wheels (Bontrager) make the Superfly handle like a 26er. Amazing what a few years of technology will do!
    I'll keep you posted about the move-still have your email! I'll have to hit you up for a ride when/if I get out there!