Sunday, June 19, 2011

Time to take a step back

Woke up the last couple days in a absolute fog. I probably could have gotten a couple more hours of sleep, but I NEVER feel this tired in the morning, even with only 6 hours. REALITY CHECK!!!!

I've been digging pretty deep for a while, trained well, worked hard on the bike, battled some illness, and now my body is just telling me to relax for a few days. I jumped right back into training the day after the Stoopid 50 which, in hindsight, was (pardon the pun) pretty stupid. Even though I felt great I should know better. It's not like I have any big races coming up (or "did" have any big races coming up-more on that in a min) until the Wilderness 101 in July, so why not kick back a bit? Because I LOVE riding my bike that's why! I guess sometimes fun gets in the way of making decisions that might be of greater benefit. Could be worse.

So, I rode hard for most of this week and I'm taking a well deserved day or two completely off the bike tomorrow, and perhaps the next day. Better not to burn out right now when the summer has just started!

On another note, I just (like 20 minutes ago "just") got a call inviting me to attend a 6 day stage race in PA early next month. I don't know all the details yet, but from what was explained to me there are a lot of big guns racing there, and it's invitation only. I'm psyched to be included, and realistically am hoping to learn as much as I can about riding and racing on multiple days. It'll be a great learning experience for me, and combined with another race I'm eyeing, will be a great build up to the Wilderness 101. It's all kind of baptism by fire for me, but with the goals I have, time is of the essence and I want to be thrown right into the mix as soon as possible.

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