Wednesday, June 22, 2011


With my new motto of "Be relentless", I'm not doing a very good job today. Perhaps, being "lazyness" is more the correct line for today.

Been sulking a bit and it's frustrating as hell. My mind is telling my body (in a very Jens Voigt way) to "shut up and do what I tell you", but the body ain't listening. Sure sign for me that it's a good day for a rest day.

I rode well yesterday with a friend from the local shop, so I'm still happy with where my fitness is. Being lighter with as much power as I had when I was heavier is like doping, just without the "dope" part. It's amazing to see what happens when your watts to weight ratio changes in your favor!

My diet, though a little sloppy this week, has continued to be good. Many more fruits and veggies are working their way into my system, and I'm happy that it has me feeling better and better every day.

Anyway, rest day today, back at it tomorrow with a longish mtb ride and then hopefully a Friday night road crit at the local community college. Looking forward to knocking elbows with some of the roadies.

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