Monday, June 6, 2011

More of the same

The past month has not been real kind to me. Some personal issues, illness, flight delays, and a shitstorm at work have left me wondering whether or not I'm cursed. It's not like I'm a superstitious person, but all the events of the last month have me wondering what the hell is going on.

Today was no exception. After a weekend of very good training (as well as getting hit by a car-or rather, hitting a car), I may have been a little cranky. I pushed it really, really hard this weekend, and maybe I'm a little over tired and a little over emotional, but I just feel like there's no end to my bad luck. The work stuff keeps piling up, as well as just a general feeling of unhappiness-which I'm guessing is due to the fact that I'm not working as much right now as I'd like to.

This all has me reconsidering my life and the choices I've made. Maybe it's time to change things up a bit-work wise I mean. Maybe it's time to settle into a more stable position, and stop chasing the dream of self employment. Or, maybe I should just HTFU, suck, it up, and get on with moving forward. Whatever the case, I gotta make a move or else I'm gonna wind up as crazy as Charlie Sheen in a hotel room...

With that, I'm looking forward to the Stoopid 50 mountain bike race this weekend. It'll be my second endurance mountain bike race (actually it'll be my second mountain bike race ever), and I'm looking forward to the test it'll provide. I have plans on doing the Wilderness 101, which takes place in the same area of Pennsylvania, so this will be a good opportunity to see where I stand on some PA singletrack. From what I hear though, the Stoopid 50 is rather techy and mostly singletrack, while the Wilderness 101 is more fire road and doubletrack with some singletrack sprinkled in.

No matter what it'll be a great distraction from the mess that is my life right now. Nothing says escape like shredding some singletrack.

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