Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Easy Spinnin'

Riding the mountain bike all the time, on both the roads and trails, makes you stupid strong. You'd almost forget about it if you didn't ride your road bike every once in a while like I did today.

I've been sticking pretty exclusively to putting the miles in on my mountain bike. Just about all my rides lately have included paved road, fire road, and single track. Since the road bike was collecting dust, and I needed an easier day anyway, I decided to take it for a 90 minute recovery ride to keep the legs moving, but ease the intensity a bit. Wow! what a difference skinny tires and a rigid fork make!

Anyway, that was all for today. Again I got caught up with some life stuff, but still managed to enjoy getting in a little bit of extra, 'active', rest. Tomorrow will be a 'play it by ear' day, but nothing too long as I have a lot of riding coming up this weekend with the stage race. I'll have to be careful not to burn any matches on the bike tomorrow, but still have fun nonetheless. It's not gonna be easy!


  1. I hear you. I rode my road bike for the first time in ages today... it seems SO easy to just roll at speed. I also pick up my race wheels tomorrow! I'm super psyched. Believe it or not but the wheels I have on my bike now are 10.5 effing POUNDS! Each tire weighs 860g and the wheels are ~2600g (plus tubes). I got a pair of Stans Crest built on Hope Pro2 hubs. With the tubeless (of course) sub 500g tires... I'll drop over 4.5 POUNDS off my wheel set! I'm riding much of the Leadville course this weekend with a pro MTB'er who has placed top 10 at Leadville. Besides getting my ASS kicked it should be fun!
    When does the cross bike come in?

  2. Dude that's INSANE! 10.5 lbs??? That's HALF of my whole bike! It's gonna be crazy how much of a difference you'll find after swapping them for the Crest's-you're gonna feel like a rocket! Everything I've heard about the entire Stan's lineup has been super positive, not to mention Hope hubs rock! Been thinkin' about upgrading my wheels as well.
    The 'cross bike is in, but still at the shop! I have to sell my tri bike so I can get some loot and pick it up:). It's torture having it so close! Hopefully somebody picks up the tri bike soon!
    Enjoy the ass kicking! I gotta get out there sometime-a buddy of mine who used to live in Ft. Collins looked at me like I was crazy for not thinking of moving out to CO years ago!
    Let me know how those wheels are!

  3. When I bought my 29 single speed I got the cheapest wheelset ever made. Good thing though, I think. I'm training on heavy... racing light. I'll post pics of the Leadville ride.

    And yes. You are crazy for not moving out here.

  4. Haha, I know, I know:) I have a feeling it won't be too long before I'm on CO time! I def think there's value in training heavy and racing light. I love riding the "cheap" and heavy stuff-makes me feel like Rocky training to beat Ivan Drago!