Saturday, July 16, 2011

Aw Crap.

NOT a good ride today. Started off well, but just never got rollin'. Lots of stopping and turning around, messing with my bike, and generally letting stupid crap get to me.

I had planned to make today an "adventure day" on the mtb. There are some old and barely used trails I wanted to take a peek at today. Yeah...they sucked. I guess I didn't realize that when trails are barely used, they normally aren't any good. So therein was my stopping every 5 minutes and turning my dumbass around to get back on a trail that actually went somewhere.

Then, after riding a bit, I noticed some clicking in my new bike!!! Instead of thinking rationally and realizing that things need to "settle" a little in any new bike, I wigged out and started tinkering with stuff. Sure I could have just realized that if everything was tight and good, there probably was no problem, but that just wouldn't be me:).

Anyway, turns out it's not a big deal with the shock, just needed an adjustment and some of bolts on the pivots needed to be tightened. Kinda bummed I let it get to me so much... Oh well. Tomorrow's another day.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'm going to do the Tour of the Gold coast. It's kinda a big "gran fondo" type of ride. Some guys race it, others just ride. I'm looking to just ride, but I'm not making promises. Once the competitive juices get flowing... Either way, it's a good way to get some saddle time in on the road-something I really hate doing. Riding on the dirt is just so much more fun!

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