Friday, July 8, 2011

Rest (second post today!)

It's amazing how much time you have to do other things when you're not out riding your bike for hours at a time. Not that I have anything wrong with being busy, but damn do I feel lazy.

It's not like I haven't been productive today, and was even able to sell some extra bike stuff I had around, it's just that I haven't gotten my physical fill in close to 48 hours now and I'm gettin' the itch. I had almost wanted to go out for a short run today, but a cooler head prevailed and I decided if I was going to rest, I was going to REST-period.

Tomorrow I'll start back up on the bike with a shortish ride before the 4 hour charity shindig on Sunday. Not going to be a ton of hours on the bike this weekend, but I'm figuring somewhere in the avenue of 7 or 8 should do the trick. Just steady freddie pedaling...

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