Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Made up my mind.

The decision has been made-no race this weekend. I had been kicking around the idea of racing the Curse of Dark Hallow 40 miler this weekend as a last prep for the Wilderness 101 the following weekend, but in the end, I think I've come to a mindful and responsible decision.

As I outlined yesterday, there were two positives and two negatives to racing this weekend as I saw it. Eventually, I came to the decision that in order to save money and in all likelyhood ENERGY for the race, I'd take a little day trip about 2 hours away to ride some good, techy, rocky singletrack. A friend of a friend who is now my friend (following?), suggested the trails to me yesterday during a ride. The new friend, John, has had his story on Really cool dude. He was slated to compete at Leadville this year, but decided to move his entry to next year on the advice of doctors. John had raced at the trails he suggested earlier this year, and in effect saved me time and money, not to mention most likely giving me a great training day before I rest for Wilderness. Thanks man!

Yesterday was a double header: Hard tempo ride on the mtb for about 75 mins, then out on the road bike for some hill repeats with friends. I never really do many hill repeats as structured workouts, but after the tempo work on the mtb I really like the way they let my legs feel. I'm feeling super fit right now, but with that I have to be careful not to push things too much and burn too many matches in this last week and a half before Wilderness. I REALLY REALLY wanna do well at this race so I'm going to try and be uber-careful. 'Nuff said.

Today I'm going to more than likely scale things back a little with an easy-is 2 hours on the road bike. This is subject to change of course if I feel like hittin' the dirt a little. It's suppossed to be balls hot again today, so perhaps the shade of ridin' in the woods might actually be the smarter choice.

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