Saturday, July 9, 2011

'Nother 2 post day...

Second po'st today for the second day in a row! Wow, I REALLY have too much time on my hands!

Got out for about 3 hours on the mountain bike today, which was my plan. After much of an easy week, and with the last 2 days completely off, the legs felt better than new. Good rest is the most underrated aspect of training. It's like the Scotty Pippen to the Michael Jordan of training:).

Anyway, I threw in some good V02 efforts to spark some high end speed. My aerobic endurance is great right now, but I'm starting to loose my high end power. Since I haven't been training with anything but a watch lately, I have no numbers to back this up, but until today I was beginning to feel sluggish when I asked the legs to put it in to high gear. Sure enough, after the rest, they're back. I'm still planning on taking it easy for the most part at tomorrow's 4 hour "Ride-Race", but I'm happy with the feeling of power I had again today.


  1. "Good rest is the most underrated aspect of training" Amen brother. I've been having huge results off of big hit-out days followed by adequate recovery. I think we get caught up in achieving a weekly NUMBER of hours which compromises our body's recovery. Listen to your body... it has a lot to say and knows more than you do!
    Tire jizz :)

  2. Tire jizz-gonna be thinking about that on every ride now:)

    Absolutely, rest is waaay underrated. You're right about getting caught up in numbers. It's nice to see the hours pile up at the end of the week, but you have to ask whether they were quality, or just quantity. I think it's especially tough because we're all type A people that are work oriented-otherwise we wouldn't do all these crazy races:). It almost feels "wrong" to rest, but when it comes down to it, like you said, our bodies definitely know more than we do!