Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back in the saddle

Back on the bike today. If there's one thing that I've realized this off-season (thought it's really been anything but and "off" season), it's that I LOVE riding my bike. I don't just mean love, I mean it's like my favorite thing to do! (unless of course you count spending time with Anne-nothing quite comes close to that:)). But it's really incredible how much I love spending time on two wheels and how much better at it I've become over the last few months.

I'd say that my desire to ride so much comes from the different disciplines of cycling that I've been exploring. When I was just riding on the road things became monotonous-boring to be more precise. It's not that I have anything against it-I've even seen a "rebirth" in my own desire to ride pavement in the last couple weeks-but it's just that there isn't quite the same feeling as riding on dirt. It's entirely a personal preference and I'm sure that many people feel exactly the opposite of how I do, but there's just something about having to use more balance and technique to stay upright that just gets me. Also, falling off the bike hurts much, much less than when you go SPLAT! on pavement.:)

Tomorrow it's back in the pool and out for a run that I was suppossed to do today. I'm hoping I can replicate the feeling on the bike I had today in the water tomorrow. The run might be a "bring a pup" run as I spent more time with my bike today than Lucky. Sorry puppy!

Whatever it is, I'm enjoying my time on the bike(s), and can't wait to compete in some stand alone bike races.

Today was a great afternoon on the bike. I was scheduled to ride about 90 mins with some interval sessions followed by easier efforts. I finished the 90 minutes and didn't want to get off the I didn't. Probably rode somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 hours (including an errand I had to run), though I didn't keep track. Kinda pulled a Forest Gump out there today: "When I got hungry, I ate. When I had to know, I went." Just one of those days. I started out with one bottle of nutrition, and wound up stoping to fill it up with coke and water a couple times. Just spent time with me, the bike, and the road. And the best part is, I finished feeling like a little kid, grinning ear to ear.

The "errand" actually consisted of finalizing the sale of one of my old bikes. Being that I have WAY TOO MANY, I've been trying to unload as much as I can. This particular one was very gently used and had just been sitting in my workshop (read: kitchen) for over a year. I wound up selling it to a good guy just getting into cycling, thereby furthering the growth of the sport and securing some extra room in my I have a ton more stuff to go from wheelsets, a tt carbon frame, and countless other bike-related things, so if you're on the lookout for anything bike, drop me an email and I'll see if I have it. If I do I'll give you a good price and we'll both be happy!

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