Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Little cheating...

Cheated a little today and rode my mtb instead of taking a rest day as instructed. My excuse is this: There really aren't very many beautiful days left for riding before the snow comes, and today was one of those great, sunny, and crisp fall days that are great for riding. So I suited up, grabbed my bike, and set off.

I actually wound up having one of the greatest rides I've ever had. The weather, like I said, was perfect, and I wore my HR monitor to keep me in check. Average HR was 144, and with over 2000 feet of climbing (I know it doesn't sound much but all the climbing is short and sharp. We're talking like 45 degree inclines and such) that's not too shabby. I had to be concious enough to keep it down, but the fact that I was able to actually ride on a trail that is considered to be the toughest around here is a tribute to my technical skills advancing. I've seen my effeciency on the road increase over time, but nowhere is it more important than on the mtb. Becoming effecient has been a process, but I'm amazed at just how efficient I know am. It's gonna be one hell of a season coming up for sure!

This weekend is the first 'cross race of the season for me, not to mention my first 'cross race EVER!:) In all honesty, I'm not overly geeked out about it, but I'm sure I'll get into 'race mode' as the day approaches. I don't quite know what to expect so maybe that's part of my lack of enthusiasm. I'll get up for it I'm sure-I have a knack for getting psyched at the startline.

Otherwise things are just moving along. I'm literally counting the days until I see Anne again. Still more than a month off, but if things go as planned it'll be around Christmas time. In the meantime it's just work, training, sleep, work, traing, sleep, repeat. I'm hoping for a late winter this year as I'm not quite ready to give up my trails to the snow.

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