Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mtb: 1:30

Good ride today. Discovered that I'm not quite as recovered as I thought I was from last week's race. Never having done something so brutal I've realized that I definitely need to chill for a bit more. Today was the first time back on the trails in a week and I felt a bit sluggish and not all there. I'll come around of course, but after not taking too much time to rest properly since last weekend, it was definitely rough today.

On another note, after talking to one of my buddies who races mountain bikes pro, I tried going with a harder tire today. Previously, I'd been running my tires pretty low-around 35psi in the rear and 30psi in the front. I'd never really thought to play with it much since things were working just fine I thought. Certainly I didn't consider going higher, as anyone who rides on the east coast knows how bumpy things can get with all the rocks and roots we have. After talking to him at length about it, though, I decided to give it a try. I went with 48psi in the rear and 45psi in the front. For sure I thought that it was too high for a hardtail, but I was pleasantly suprised today when I found how much easier my ride was. Pedaling was much more efficient, and the ride wasn't rough at all. Of course when you hit something under the leaves that you didn't see there was quite a jolt, but that would happen either way. Also, the rooty and rocky descents I thought would have me jumping all over the place were actually easier to take because there was less of a "delay" from the rear wheel. Overall, handling (particularly in the corners) was improved, and speed was faster. I liked, too, the fact that I was much more connected to the trail. I didn't realize how much of a "numbing" feeling lower pressure gives you. The bike was more responsive, and I felt that every pedal stroke went directly into the dirt instead of being sucked up by a slower, mushy, softer tire. I'm not saying that it'll be best in all conditions, but for now I'm happy that I've found higher pressure.

'Cross tomorrow so the rest of the day is gonna be pretty chill. I've got some cleaning to get done, but then I'll be sipping some South Bay IPA and reading. Somehow the freezing weather outside makes me wanna get all comfy inside:).

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