Thursday, November 11, 2010

Band of Hell

...And I'm not talkin about some death metal band. My shoulders and lats are WORN OUT thanks to some evil work in the pool today. The source of which, you ask??? A blown out bicycle tube tied in a knot around my ankles. Holy crap did that hurt! All a good hurt though, and one that will hopefully put me to bed somewhat early tonight!

Speaking of sleep, since Anne's gone home and the clocks have switched, I've not been sleeping all that well. I can't seem to fall asleep easily, and when I do it's two hours after I originally laid down. Add to that the fact that I wake up super early every day (usually around 4:30am), and you have a recipie for trouble. My body let me know yesterday as I had two migranes, back to back, before I even got home from my afternoon clients. Not good, but it just lets me know I need to take better care of myself.

Tomorrow is another swim, though I don't know when I'll manage to get it in, and perhaps a bike. I'm suppossed to run, but the urge just isn't there. I think it has something to do with all the injury problems I've had of late. It seems like every time I run, it's just another issue. My feet seem to be giving up on me, and I'm scared with every step I take. I've tried support shoes, neutral shoes, and even no shoes (vibram's), and don't seem to be having any success. Though I do have to say that the less shoe I wear (on the trails at least), the more resiliant I seem to be. It might be that I'm running for less time wearing the minimal shoes, or it could be that it just forces correct form and function of the foot. Whatever the case, I'll get it back, but at the same time I'll be weary of my feet and take the proper precautions. For now it'll be all dirt, all the time. No roads until I can get a handle on running on the softer surfaces without issues.

On another note, I'm very close to purchasing a camera so that I can include some picture and video updates. Most of the "cooler", more read blogs include them, and it's only natural that people want to see pics of what they're reading about. Now I'm not desperate for readership (I only write this blog for my own record of what I'm doing, though I do enjoy knowing that people are interested in what I'm doing-Thank you!!!), I just want to add some entertainment for the people that DO read this blog. I have a ridiculously awesome life and it would be great to share the things I do in video/picture form.

Basically I'm looking for something that can record video as well as take still shots. I'd love to get some sort of a helmet cam for my rides, but at the same time need said cam to have the ability to take some quality still shots. I'd say that the priority is video over still pic, but I want the most bang for my buck because I don't have a lot of bucks to spend! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

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