Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Was able to put together some strong weeks of training-stongest on the bike probably-but now I'm a bit wasted. I'm tired, feeling on the verge of still being sick, and generally just...blah. Time to listen to the body a bit and chill out for the time. With the big 6 hour mtb race this weekend, I want to be anything but over-tired when I toe the line. Speaking of which, this is going to be an interesting start to my mountain bike racing career. As this is my first race, I'll be with the cat 3's. This isn't a bad thing, but the fact that we're starting in the last of 3 waves, I'll really have to hit it from the start and try to get into the singletrack first. Obviously this is what you want to do, but I'll also have to fight through the cat 2's that will certainly create a bottle-neck of their own. To remedy this situation, my buddy Brian who will be in the first wave with the rest of the pros, suggested that I get off the bike 'cross style and run alongside the trail to pass people. Good plan and I'm gonna stick to it. Anything to get to the front!

Otherwise today is just going to be an easy swim. I was hoping to get out on the mtb for a hot 60 minute lap of my fav trail, but I think it's better just to stick to the plan and swim. Even the swim will likely be cut down a bit to keep my body and mind fresh for this weekend. I'm just at the point of either getting sicker or totally healthy, so there's no need to push it now.

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