Friday, November 5, 2010

Out Gangstered

For the most part, I've lead a pretty honest life. I've never really stolen anything from anyone, save for some baseball cards from my buddies when I was a kid maybe. I don't make a habit of lying. And I'm definitely not the cheating type. I'd like to think of myself as loyal and honest. What happened today really pissed me off, but made me realize that for the few suspect things I've done in my life, Karma is a bitch!

I went to see the Leadville 100 race movie, Race Across the Sky, last night. When I went to use my debit card at the theater, it was denied. Now I'm not a rich man, but I knew for a fact that I'd just deposited $200 cash earlier that day, and that the $12 ticket should be covered no problem. Alas, the card was declined and my wallet had to get lighter by a couple bills. Thinking this was strange, I went to the bank this morning to find that my card had been stolen, and some little (or more likely BIG) shit went on a mini shopping spree to, of all places, Shopright and Pathmark with my card. Now nothing against those fine shopping outlets, but really? Shopright and Pathmark? At least get something good for your money! Go to the liquor store, Best Buy, or hell, even the adult store! Just get something for my money other than groceries!:) Simply put, someone had stolen my gangsta!

Anyway, I'll get the money back, and I have a new card, but it really made me wonder. After being inspired seeing all the good there is in the world through the Leadville 100 film, it was dashed after some punk scum stole my card. I guess that's the world we living in and the only thing you can do is continue to be good and honest. Be the bigger person, but don't get taken advantage of.

On another note, I got out and did some 'cross practice yesterday. I had a terrific swim in the morning and was dying to get out in the rain and mud to play on my bike. One thing I learned is that although all the pros and elites make dismounting and mounting look easy and fluid, the shit is hard! I'm great at the dismount, but running with the bike and remounting is tough stuff to do smoothly. Add that to the ground being less than perfectly flat (as it might be in the transition area at a tri), and you have the perfect recipie for a momentum suck, or better yet, a silly and embarrassing crash. After about a million reps, I finally started to get the hang of it. Dismounting, running over the barriers, and remounting started to get more fluid. I'm still a long way off of looking like I know what I'm doing, but I was still pretty psyched to actually "fly" through the air and land on my bike while finding the pedals and pedaling away. More work to get done, but it's a good start nonetheless.

Today is a swim and a run, though the swim won't be happening because the pool is closed. Disapointed really, but I'll get it done tomorrow.

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