Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pics from yesterday, Vid from today

I thought this pic was pretty cool. It shows that the wind was blowing so hard it was knocking the trees down all around me! Just kidding...only an illusion:)

Although I was able to ride a bunch of the trail, I did so some of this yesterday. It was actually really disorienting. I know this trails system like the back of my hand, and at times I had absolutely no idea where I was.
Yet some more "open" singletrack. It was awesome that the snow on the trail melted, giving it a "runway" effect. Kinda neat when I was riding it.

Just had to take a pic of the new rig on it's maiden voyage. Built it up this winter. It's the first time I've ever ridden carbon anything off road and I wasn't disappointed. This thing freakin' rocks! Lighter than my aluminum Trek 8000, and takes off like a rocket. I could go lighter if I was to swap my full xt gruppo from my Trek, but for the time being I'm happy with this bike the way it is. Sette Elite Carbon Frame, sturdy Mavic UST wheelset with WTB Hubs and WTB tubeless tires, RockShox Reba Team fork, Deore LX rapid rise rear derailliur, Deore LX front derailliur, XT Hollowtech crankset and bottom bracket, Cane Creek headset, Bontrager Alum. straight bars, Bontrager Carbon seat post, and AWESOME Fizik Tundra saddle-love it! After the ride I went over to the shop and my buddy Nelson, Uber-bike fitter and former Columbian pro track and road rider, hooked me up with a super fit. I didn't even ask him, but before I knew it he had me set up on a trainer and was taking measurements and changing things around to make me faster and more comfortable. In the end he spent over an hour dialing in my ride and didn't even charge me a dime! He basically made my position a little less aggressive, gave me a longer stem, and raised my saddle. It'll be a little awkward to get used to, but with my stale handling skills from a winter spent on the roads, it's not like it really matters-ANYTHING would feel new at this point!

This vid was from today's road ride. Nothing special, but it is one of the longer "descents" on Long Island. A whole 2 minutes and change! Actually, it's probably a little faster than that since I had to take it a little slow on account of the sandy roads.
This ends another solid week of training...the second in a row! It's funny how the consistency of good sessions makes a difference in your fitness and overall motivation. I've been able to dust off a lot of the cobwebs and put some solid miles and hours in. The only issue is a little niggle in my knee. Not sure exactly when it started, but after todays ride it's stiff as a board. Feels muscular, right at the point where the quad meets the knee. Fascia maybe? The bad part is I know exactly what the source is. I changed my pedals on my road bike mid week and didn't have my cleats adjusted properly. I've done it plenty of times before, but I guess my luck ran out. Serves me right for not being diligent with something rather important... Lesson learned!
Tomorrow is a rest day and I'm really looking forward to it. Not because I want to be lazy, but heavy rain is in the forcast and that should wipe away the rest of the snow. I'm hoping to be able to put in some serious time on the mtb in the near future! Provided, of course, that my knee is in good shape.

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