Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First ride back

Got in any easy, easy 60 minute ride this morning as my first back since Wilderness. The road bike was a welcome companion today for sure. I took it really easy, mostly just a simple little spin, but it felt fantastic to be back on two wheels again.

I think in addition to my fatigue and exhaustion, I've been having a little "exercise withdrawal" too. I missed my endorphins and I'm glad to have them back!

Tomorrow I plan on taking it easy again, but riding for a little while longer. I'll gauge the time based on how I feel, but I'd like to cap it at 90 minutes. Baby steps for now will save me from overdoing things and toasting myself.

One good thing I noticed today was that I feel fresh, not out of shape. My legs feel just as strong if not stronger than they did before the race, though of course I didn't really get a chance to properly test them today. No matter, they'll be there when I need them I'm sure!

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