Thursday, August 11, 2011


Definitely went a bit too hard yesterday. Felt good while I was riding but the rest of the day was filled with the familiar symptom of dizziness that's been with me while I've been recovering. Not terrible, but it was there for sure.

Today will be more of an easy spin (if anything), followed by resting my ass off some more. The good part about work being slow is that I can sit on my ass for an afternoon with my feet up. The bad part, of course, is that I'm not making any money while I'm doing it!

On a side note I picked up a pair of Sidi Genius Pro 5 Shoes the other day. I've never had a high end proper pair of road shoes, so these are a bit of a treat. Unbelievable how plush these are. They're not cheap, but straight out of the box you realize just where your money went. I've never had a more comfortable shoe on me feet, and I'm sure as these get more and more worked in they'll be even that much better. I'm hoping that (and for the price they better!) these will last a long time.

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