Sunday, August 21, 2011


I've found myself in a bit of a pickle....

I just sold my tri bike. With the money I received for the bike, I intended to buy a new 'cross bike that's been hanging in the shop waiting for me the whole summer. The pickle, though, comes in the fact that I'm not sure that I want to buy it right now. I've had my eye on an All Mountain long travel suspension bike for a bit now, and kinda want that more than the 'cross bike. Add that to the fact that I just don't really feel like racing that much right now, and here I find myself.

Really, what I'd like to do with my fall and early winter is do some bike packing trips. Just head into the woods with a bike and a tent and spend a couple days and nights relaxing in the great outdoors. The all mountain bike would be perfect for that.

My competitive fire has sort of died for the moment. Maybe I'm just burned out, or still bummed from my last race, but I just feel like riding for the enjoyment of riding right now. 'Cross is a load of fun, but I'm not sure I want the responsibility of staying super fit all fall and winter. I mean, I'm sure I will stay fit throughout the winter because I always do, but I kinda just wanna step back and enjoy just riding my bike for nothing other than fun. Maybe I'm just too competitive:).

Anyway, this is all just how I'm feeling at this moment. I might wake up tomorrow and wanna kick some ass. Who knows. My motivation (as well as my life) is all over the map right now.

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