Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Still don't know what to say...

It's been a few days since my last post. I usually try to post something every day, but I just haven't known what to say.

For the most part this has been the toughest year I can remember having. Personal woes, financial issues, and work problems have just continued to add up and up and up until I'm just at my breaking point. Actually, that's not true-I'm not sure I really have a breaking point:).

Anyway, I recently ended a relationship that meant the world to me. It ended fairly and in honesty I think it's for the best, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. Sometimes things just don't work. That's life. We make plans and God laughs.

Compounding the personal issues has been the fact that I've had to take things pretty easy on the bike since the Wilderness 101. I had to go to the doc and get checked out and everything came back fine, but I'm still suffering from some lightheadedness every now and again. It's getting better as the days go by, but it's still there. Kind of annoying. This has made things difficult in regards to training because I'm really trying not to overextend myself. I've gotten out for a ride most days last week and every day this week, but nothing too long or too hard. It really leaves me wondering whether or not to shut it down until 'cross starts, or just soldier through and race my last few mountain bike races.

Anyway, enough negative thoughts. Just had to get that all out on the "interwebs". :) On a better note, I finally sold my tri bike on ebay and should be receiving payment for it tomorrow. Said payment will go directly to my bike shop so I can at last pick up my new 'cross bike! The poor thing has been sitting in the shop ALL summer! I think it's time to build that baby up, get it dirty, and get ready for some fall 'cross action!!! Can't wait!

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