Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another day and more stuff

Not a whole lot has changed since yesterday.  Still miss my bikes and still frustrated that my foot isn't healed yet.  Friday will tell the story of whether or not I'll be riding this weekend, so we'll let the cards fall as they may.

To be honest I'm getting used to not riding.  It's not that I miss it less, it's just that the 'sting' has seemed to have worn off.  The intensity of the idea of not riding has worn down, and I'm happy doing what I'm doing.  I guess I've made some peace with it, and I'm filling my time with more, and being productive in different ways.

For exercise today, I got back in the gym.  There's a certain endorphin rush that comes from moving a lot of weight, not to mention a sense of 'manliness' (haha), and that's a good thing.  It'll never quite replace what the bike brings to me, but it allows me to get out the stress that would otherwise fester in my head.

Lets keep the fingers crossed for a good report on Friday.

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