Friday, April 13, 2012

(No) Motivation

The simple fact that I'm logging this post right now is a direct conflict to what I'm going to write in the coming sentences.  I know I should have all the motivation in the world right now-the sun is out, the weather is gorgeous, and the time is coming for me to change gears in a dramatic way-but damn if I'm not finding it hard to get some of my mojo going.

I've been struggling in the past week (at least I think it's been a week) with getting moving, both with my writing and with my own exercise.  I find it easy to "fake" a workout, and once I'm get the cranks turning or the weights lifting I'm always glad, in the end, that I did, but when I don't have the sheer motivation to punch the keyboard, it's a little harder to get moving.  I suppose this is just a facet of my personality, but I can't stand this side of me.

Like the exercise, I've pushed my writing along, but the danger in that, as all writers and well read readers know, is that when you force it, it quite simply blows.  There's writers block and then there's low motivation.  The two, I believe, are as different as night and day.  But, without the simple act of writing through both, neither can be overcome.

So, in effect, I've just solved my own problem.  Just as with exercise, the answer is "Just write, stupid." Nothing fancy, just put finger to keyboard, get stuff down, and go from there.  Not at all complex.

On another, but related note, work has been absolute shit this past week.  With a lot of people out, taking trips with their families and/or looking after kids that are off from school, my business has been all but nonexistent.  It's not the fact that I haven't been physically busy that's lingering on my mind, but the fact that I feel that I should be doing more to get people to come in.  So, simply put, it's the fact that I feel that I'm not living up to my responsibilities that's keeping my mind occupied and at the same time stressed.  This then leads to worries about finances, which keeps me up at night and thinking that I should be doing more to save money.  In cliche terms, "it's a vicious circle."

What's the answer to all this?  Simple, take care of what needs to be done.  Don't get caught up with one thing, but move on to the next when one stalls.  Don't "get stuck in the muck" but rather power through it.  It's like those guys that drive their snowmobiles over lakes; if they don't keep momentum they're sunk.  Simple.

With all this said, I'll get to work now.

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