Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Took a few

Took a few days off from the blogosphere.  No reason in particular, just nothing really important enough to report.  The weekend was pretty drab from a bike riding point of view.  I got out on Friday for a sweet ride alone at one of my new favorite trails.  Saturday was a washout with cold temps and rain for the day. And then Sunday I was out for a ride, meet up with some friends, and rode casually with them for the most part.  A bit of a frustrating ride as their fitness isn't quite as much as mine at the moment, but the conversation was nice and what lacked in riding was made up for in laughs.

Today I'm heading out with a buddy to the previously referred to "new favorite trail".  He's not as strong as  rider technically as I am, but his fitness is there, so I don't imagine it will be all that slow of a ride.  I'm hopefully going to remember to actually use the GoPro2 that I got, so check back for some video and pictures.  I really don't use that thing enough so I'm gonna force it today.

Otherwise I've got some cool and exciting things on the horizon that are in line with where I want my career to go.  For as many crappy people in the world there are that want to shove you down when your almost out, there are just as many that want to lift you up when you're looking for it.  You just have to go after the things you want and never take "no" for an answer.  Chase your dreams because in the end, we're all going back to the dirt.  If you don't take advantage of what you want in this life, when exactly are you planning on doing it?

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