Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's amazing how decisions we've made in the past continue to influence our daily lives.  It's probably the closest form of time travel we have.  Things that I've done years ago have come back, some in good ways, others in bad.  Still they have as much pull over my life today, if not more, than they had the day that I made them.

When most of us think about bad decisions, we usually think about the credit cards we ran up in college, the questionable drink we slugged down at the bar, or the interesting character who's room we woke up in during college (ok, well that last one might not include ALL of us, but you know who you are!).  Bad decisions might include not having made the right decision, or not having taken action at all.  It may be anything from not having gone to the doctor when we were ill, the dentist when we had that toothache, or buying that stock we had a hunch on.

In many other ways it might be good that we took no action.  The party that we didn't go to where there was a fight, or the car ride we didn't take resulted in a crash.  I'm afraid I'm beginning to sound like an Alanis Moresette song, but the "ironic" part is that's it's all true.

I've been spending a lot of in reflection of my life these past days, recovering from what's most likely the most frustrating 'little' injury I've ever had.  I've been in my head quite a while, thinking of things I did, things I haven't done, and things I want to do.  The important thing and most relevant thread through it all is not to regret anything and to go after what you want with this life.  I've regretted more things in my past than I am happy to admit.  With the years I have left I want to reverse that trend. Sure there will be things that are bad, decisions that don't turn out like I wished them to, but at least I'll be able to say at the end that I went for it.  I'd rather miss the game winning goal on a shot that sailed over the net than have been sitting idly on the sidelines watching all the action unfold.

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