Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bike, Brick Run

Great day of training. Working with power on the bike is like a whole new ballgame. I'm enjoying every second of it. I'm still learning a bit, and it's taking time to get the hang of what different watts feel like (i.e. 250 vs. 350), but it certainly made my ride go by quickly today.

It was a beautiful sunny day today. A bit windy, but I've actually come to like the wind-not the type that knocks you off your bike from the side of a mountain, but gusts of 30mph don't really bother me much anymore...I must be getting stronger:).

The run was the run. It hurt. Had to get right into it after the bike and my legs, as always, felt heavy even though I ran strong. I tend to run fast off the bike, and I think I'm getting good at being a "tired" runner. Seems like that'll be a good thing being that I'm a triathlete and all:).

I played a bit with nutrition on the bike today. In the past I've always sort of winged it. I'm not one to measure out every calorie I take in, but I'm starting to see the value in a bit of planning on that regard. I think I hit the nail on the head as far as nutrition is concerned, but I think hydration still leaves something to be desired. Carrying only one bottle on a hot day like today probably wasn't a good idea. I did stop for a Coke at a gas station, but I think the High Fructose Corn Syrup in that made my stomach do some funny things once I got to the run. I got the same type of abdominal cramps as the other day on my longer run. Although I ran faster today, I don't believe the issue is pace-driven. It's definately a nutrition thing I've gotta figure out.

Tomorrow is a bit more of the same. A bike and run to end the week strong. I'm really excited about quite a few things right now...more on those to come!:) I've gotta keep my 2 readers on the edge of their seats!!! Hahaha:)

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