Monday, May 3, 2010

Swim, Bike, Run (Yesterday) Strength, Swim-Today

Got off to a tough start yesterday. My allergies have really been a tough obstacle lately and it seems like every Sunday I wake up with a migrane. Last Sunday it floored me, but this Sunday it was just more of an annoyance. Took some medicine, hardened up, and got out to work...literally.

Did yardwork all morning-more specifically moving lots of rock and gravel. By the time I was done, I'd not only gotten a bunch done, but gotten in a nice "extra" strength session for my troubles.

On the bike I worked a bit on strength and some on endurance. Wasn't a terribly long ride, but a lot of quality strengthwork. Amazingly before this year I was never able to push a big gear. Actually, I just didn't know that I was suppossed to in order to go faster:). Working on it this year has changed me as a rider for the better. The bike is now a super strength for me and I'm happy that it is!

The run was a different story. Whereas I was excited to get going on the bike, I was less than thrilled to get out for my run. I probably waited a little too long in the day to start, but after I got going it wasn't that bad. The legs were tired and I felt like a baby deer trying to run fast at times, but I finished the final session of the day strong and feeling good.

Today is more of a rest day than anything else. It's been raining a bunch today so that makes things easier:). Still I managed to get a nice easy swim (more floating around for 20 minutes than anything) in and will do another strength session after work this evening.

I'm very happy with where my training is right now. Where I had been feeling shelled weeks ago has turned into strength and speed. With my first race of the season this weekend I'm feeling cool and confident. With another solid week of training leading into this Sunday, I should be all set for a good result:).

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