Monday, May 17, 2010

Great weekend...

Had a great weekend of training. I was too tired from yesterday to post anything last night, but I'm feeling back to normal again now, so that's good:).

Got in a good bike and a spectacular run yesterday afternoon. I spent the majority of the morning and early afternoon working in the yard, moving leaves, rocks, weeds, and dirt from across the yard to the woods. It was a lot of hard work and definitely took a toll on my training later in the day.

On the bike I had nothing to start with. The session really didn't call for much of an effort, just mainly and endurance-based ride with some strengthwork mixed in, so that worked in my favor. By the end I wouldn't say I was re-energized, but I certainly had a bit more energy. Nonetheless, I wanted to do ANYTHING but go out for the run planned. I HTFU'd and got out anyway.

Run was nothing short of excellent. You know you're legs are getting to where they should be when you're tired and you "fast" pace of a month ago is now a jog:). Happy days!

Today has been mostly a rest day with the exception of some strengthwork. Though I love nothing more than being out riding, running, and swimming, it's nice not to have a workout in those three disciplines hanging over my head. I'm always excited to train, but today it was nice to just sort of lay back and chill out for a bit. Spent some time with Lucky and got some cleaning done. Good day all around! Tomorrow it's back to work for a swim and bike. This week will hopefully fly by as I'll be away for a bit starting Friday. Can't wait for that!!!!!!! :) :) :)

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