Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swim, Bike

What a busy, busy day! I've been moving since 6am and it's now after 9:30pm! Over 15 hours straight! Sometimes I wonder how I'm still standing by the end of the day, but it's always days like this that pump me up more than anything. I just keep going, going, going and never get tired. Guess it's better to be busy than sitting around all day. Actually, I don't think I'm physically able to sit for more than a few mins at a time:) Guess that's why I like triathlon so much-there's always something new to do when you're done with one thing-swim, bike, run, repeat:).

So today was back to business as usual with swim and bike workouts. I'm really happy with where my fitness is right now, and that was evident as I wasn't even the tiniest bit sore from the hard effort in the race I gave on Sunday. It could be in part due to the fact that I was diligent about my recovery, but in all honesty I've never felt so good after a race-short one or long one.

Swim session was all about drill and technique work. I like these technique sessions because they're really the meat of my swimming. I'm gaining fitness through the longer workouts, but because swimming is such a weakness for me, it helps me to remember exactly how I'm suppossed to be swimming. Like they say, if you wanna run fast-run; if you wanna bike fast-bike; if you wanna swim fast-get a coach!

The bike was mostly endurance based with some hard intervals at the end. These were fun as always and any time I get to spend outside is a plus. It was truly a delightful ride on a chilly but awesome day. There really aren't too many things I like more than riding my bike on a sunny day. Just awesome!

In between work and training I managed to take Lucky out for a bit. I know everyone is partial to their own pet, but I absolutely have the world's best pup! She's always happy, always up for adventure, and loyal to a fault! She just goes with the flow and always seems to have a smile on her face. I'm such a lucky dog owner:) hahaha

So life is good, training is going great, and things are moving along nicely:) Not much else to report! Tomorrow should be a fun day with another swim and then a run session. It's suppossed to rain hard for the next couple of days which works out great as I have two run sessions planned. I LOVE running in bad weather-especially pouring rain and thunder. Just the sound of the rain and the thunder makes me wanna run. Maybe its a subconcious thing, as in "get the hell away from the lighting before your dumb ass gets struck!":). I don't know, but whatever it is, it motivates me:)

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