Friday, March 30, 2012


The weather this weekend is supposed to be less than good, so for today, I decided to get off this stupid little sand bar of an island and head up to Blue Mountain to ride.  Could not have been a better day (well, unless you took all the damn bugs away).

I got up to the trail around noon, and rode for about 2 hours.  The more I do these little solo excursions, the more I realize that it's as much about the mental as it is the physical.  Getting out and by myself allows me to calm myself, be with my thoughts, and "un-focus" on anything that's troubling me.  I have a tendency to over think most things in my life, but when I'm on the trial, something about not going over my bars and breaking my neck allows me to force stress to the back burner.

This is all cliche of course.  Everyone who rides always preaches the benefits of being forced to focus on only the trail ahead of you. This is nothing new.  I'm only rediscovering all the benefits riding mountain bikes has brought to me.

The rest of this weekend will be played by ear as far as riding is concerned.  Not planned much and I want to keep it that way.  I'm thinking I might try to get out on the road if that's possible, but more than likely I'll be hitting the gym and working on my strength.  Things are progressing quite well in the weight department, and I'd like to keep the trend alive.  I've got a feeling there will be many sunny days in my future to ride my bikes.

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