Saturday, February 5, 2011

Big Thirty!

Here we go... Turning 30 today. Seems like I would never get here. As a matter of fact, I never thought I WOULD get here when I was a kid. It's funny how through the eyes of a 10 year old 30 seems "old", but now that I'm here, I honestly feel like I'm still 10 years old (and probably still have the same mindset!).

Anyway, after a couple nights in Vermont, Anne and I headed back to good 'ole Long Island to celebrate my birthday last night with a few friends and fam. It was a SUPER late night (we didn't get home until after midnight!-can't remember the last time that happened!), and I'm feeling like a bloated, soggy mess today. Not really because I had too many drinks, but just from the sheer amount of food that went down my trap last night. Must have easily had well over 2000 cals between 5 and 7pm... not to mention the drinks that followed. Ugh....

Vermont was a blast, especially watching Anne kick my ass in XC skiing-a sport that I know have a huge amount of respect for. I had no idea how freakin' hard it is! From a fitness standpoint it was easy, but the amount of technique (like anything else I guess) involved was off the charts. It's easy to "go", but to "go fast" is a different story. Either way I had a blast and wouldn't mind owning a pair of my own since this snow looks like it's never going to end.

On the training side of things it's been sporadic. Managed to get in a few runs here and there, and of course there was the XC skiing, but no bike time and nothing really all that formal. That's ok, though, because once Anne leaves :( I'm sure I'll go back into training-monk mode. For now all I want to do is enjoy the time I've got with her and forget about bikes, training, and everything else....unless she want's to ride or run:).

I'll post some pics of Vermont whenever I get them...


  1. Thanks! Feels just like it did when I was 13:). Fingers crossed for Leadville!!!