Friday, February 18, 2011

So close...

Spring is in the air! Today we hit temps in the 65 degree F range! Only went out for a short ride though, but it was super refreshing to wear only long sleeves and kneewarmers. Nothing on the hands; nothing on the feet; nothing on the head (except my helmet of course). It's not quite "tan line" weather, but definitely close to getting warm and nice enough to ride that way all the time.

Temps are suppossed to dip in the next few days, but still stay above freezing for a while. Maybe an early spring? I'll take anything as long as it's above freezing and it doesn't snow anymore.

I drove by the mtb trails this afternoon and it'll still be a few more days (provided good weather) before they're ridable. I mean, technically, you could ride on them, but the mud and slop wouldn't have you getting very far. An unbelievable amount of water has saturated the ground with the melting of the snow, so it'll just take some time to dry up. Can't wait!


  1. 65? Damn, that's almost hot. Did you enter the Leadville lottery?

  2. Yeah man, it was a blast! Love the Spring! Entered the lottery, but might not be able to accept the spot...might not be living in the country:). I'll know more soon though. You're doing the Silver Rush 50 as well though, right? I was looking into the NUE series too, but again, not sure about the living situation-might be racing more across the pond this summer!

  3. Cool! Live it up man! Don't pass on that opportunity, but of course you wouldn't.

  4. Absolutely not! Gotta have killer stories to tell the grandkids!