Sunday, February 20, 2011


There was dirt! Dirt I tell you! It was unreal!

Got my first ride on the dirt today since Christmas day. I guess it technically was the first time I've been on the mtb this year. There was still a lot of snow on the trail, and some mud, but most of the sections I rode were frozen enough to still ride fast. By the end of about 2 hours, I spent approximately 60 percent of the time riding, and 40 percent of the time hiking. Didn't matter though, because it was just AWEOME to get out and on the mountian bike again.

The forecast for tonight is some snow, followed by rain developing after tomorrow morning. It's gonna be a little sloppy, but after Tuesday, the temps rise again, and then rain will be on the way Friday, hopefully washing whatever accumulation we get away and finally getting the trails clean of snow. They'll still be quite muddy, but it's better than not riding at all!

It was super refreshing to get out there today, and it's really given my training mojo a good shot of 'get up and go'. This has really been the first week in a while I was able to put together what I feel was a solid week and one that I can be proud of as I drink a beer tonight.

I'm feeling stronger than I ever have on the bike. My fitness isn't quite there yet (and it shouldn't be), but as far as sheer strength and force applied to the pedals, I'm really hitting homeruns. I really think I can thank 'cross for this jump in strength. Surely I need to incorporate it every fall going forward.

Otherwise things are good. I'm missing Anne tremendously, but what else would you expect:). I should be getting delievery of my Epic HD Action Cam tomorrow (provided that the UPS tracking service is correct-I wasn't given a tracking number from Epic, so I had to use an "alternate" way to track the package), so I'm really looking forward to playing around with it and getting some cool biking footage. Apparently you can extract still shots from the video it records, so there should be a lot more "wallpaper" on this blog in the near future. Anyway, Spring is just around the corner and I have a feeling I'll be a much happier camper in the coming weeks. From then, who knows!? Maybe I might not be in New York for the Summer:)

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