Thursday, February 10, 2011

New toy on the way!!!

Just ordered an Epic HD video camera to document my bike adventures!:) Ok, I know it's kinda cheesy, and who the hell wants to watch vids from my helmet and handlebars when I ride, but I have to admit that since I started mountain biking I've been really wanting one of these things. Watching vids of people ripping singletrack gets me every time, and what better way to be completely self indulgent than to get one of my own and put up vids on this here blog!!! I know, awesome right!?

I was really conflicted about not only getting the cam, but also which one to get. I couldn't justify buying one myself, but when someone insisted on buying me one for my bday, I pulled the trigger. As far as which one to get, I was down to the Epic HD and the GoPro HD. The one thing, in my opinion, that the Epic has over the GoPro is it's sleek design. The GoPro is probably a bit tougher and better known, but I really like the fact that the Epic is small and easily mounted. Also, the mounting options for the Epic seemed better. Time will tell!

I'm really looking forward to getting some cool shots, especially when the snow finally melts and I can get out on the trails again. The road is starting to get kinda boring, not to mention cold as....well, cold. Much of the snow has melted recently, and I'm guessing with this weekend's predicted warm temps, the trails might just be ridable by the end of next week! Muddy and mucky, but ridable nonetheless! If so, it'll be my first ride on the mtb in well over a month, and close to two! That's waaaay too much time between mtb rides!!!

Anyway, when the trails do become ridable, I'll be out there and I'll have some vids to put up! I'm hoping to be able to do some sweet editing and add some cool tunes. Can't promise anything though!

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