Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sick Sucks

I had big big plans for this weekend. After weeks and weeks of snow and having to deal with cold winds and sub-motivating training weather, the forecast told that the weather was finally going to break and warm temps were on the way. Well, the warm temps came, and so did my coughing and weezing. Granted, I've had some kind of chesty, throaty, coughy thing since Anne was here, and I certainly didn't do my best in getting rid of it. I've slept 10 hours each of the last 3 nights, and I thought that would get rid of it, but trying to train through it didn't do me any good in the end.

I think my major frustration comes through the weather, and I try to push through sickness in order to get my head straight. I'm not happy when I'm not training, and training through the weather we've had this winter has been a test in mental fortitude. All in all, training through bad weather, being depressed because Anne's not here, and now getting sick has really f*cked with me in the last week. With the warm temps I'm happy to think that I'm surely going to be cured of at least some of the things that have been getting me down lately.

Anyway, I did the smart thing today and rode easy for an hour. Not exactly the workout I wanted to spend today doing, but I realize that it was probably best for my mind and body to get out only a little today. Being in the fresh air made my head right, and the small amount of physical exersion gave me enough endorphins to look forward to another day.

Now I've just got to wait until the warm temps melt the snow so I can ride my mtb again. Really looking forward to those first, long days on the mountain bike again!

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