Monday, February 14, 2011


Finally the temps broke. As I've said countless times before, it's been a rough winter. Today the temps broke and the sun came out and I smiled for the first time on a bike ride in a LONG time. I actually rode WITHOUT gloves and nothing on my legs but knee warmers. Riding today really made me appreciate the good weather. I can't imagine how I've ever NOT felt like training in nice weather.

I got out for a couple hours this afternoon simply to enjoy the weather and pedal under the sun. I've been battling some sort of nasal thing, and I wasn't feeling the best, so I just kept things uber-simple. Easy pedaling, nothing hard, and just enjoyed the ride. In the end I was soaked with salty, sandy water and my hands ached from absorbing all the shock from our pot-holed roads (which, by the way, look like they've been bombed they're so bad), but I was happy nonetheless.

The forecast says the weather's going to be nice for the next 10 days and I plan on taking advantage of every one. Hopefully my Epic HD cam will come in the next couple days and I can start documenting the awesomeness:). It would also be nice if the trails were ridable by this weekend, but I don't want to push things. Riding on the road in the warm weather, even if it does involve terrible, Paris-Roubaix inspired roads and chemical saturated road-water, is fine by me for now. Give it a couple more weeks without seeing dirt and my mind might change, but that's where I'm at right now. Looking forward to that camera!

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