Friday, February 25, 2011

Riding nowhere FAST!

Sorry for the "crotch shot" but I thought this was a cool shot. Kind of redemption from all the vids I shot yesterday with the crap camera mount. Anyway, it's a short vid, but it started with a short but steep little hill and then I'm going down the other side in the end...

Today was a great indoor workout. As much as I hate riding a bike to nowhere, I enjoy the specificity and control that you get from the trainer. It's so easy to control watts, and the factor of not having to stop for dumb drivers, lights, intersections, etc., makes things so much more focused. Anyway, worked at FTP for a couple intervals as per instructions from coach. This is where I'd really like to improve (well, in reality I'd like to improve EVERY aspect of my cycling-I'm just kinda competitive like that), so the workout, while painful, was very purposeful.

Looking to get out on the mtb tomorrow if it's possible. We got A LOT of rain all day today which washed away most of the snow, but has had a tendency to pool on spots of the frozen ground. I imagine the trails will be a muddy mess by midday/afternoon tomorrow, so I'll try to get out FURLY (that's "f*cking early" to the uninitiated) and ride on some of the frozen trails that tonights low temps (in the 20's F) are likely to produce. A 4am wake up looks likely. Not sure how much I'll get done, so tomorrow's training may have to be split between whatever I can manage on the trails and the remainder on the road. Obviously I'm hoping to get more time on the dirt than on the tarmac...

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