Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1 hour trail run

Did a one hour trail run today in the mud. Had a great time. The object of today was to keep the HR around 155 (averaged 156) and just enjoy the run. I managed about 7 and a half miles with around 2000 feet of climbing. I'm super psyched about the run because It shoes my fitness is at a good starting point. I didn't want to loose much during my little break, and I don't think I did. The only thing I'm wary of is having not rested enough. I did take about a month off, and remained somewhat active during that time.

I'm very excited about Ironman Louisville. I said it before, but it really feels like a HUGE boulder has been lifted of my shoulders. I don't know why I had such anxiety over choosing the event. I imagine it has to do with how much I care about this sport. I plan to sacrifice a lot, so I guess in my mind I'm saying "This better be worth it damnit!"

The new Lunars held up spectacular in the mud today. The shoe really continues to amaze me. Parts of the trail are rocky and rooty and they flew over without a problem. Even in some pretty deep mud they managed to perform well. No spills and no slips. Just a good, solid run, wet and cold. Fun! Fun! Fun!

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