Monday, October 19, 2009

4+ hours on the Moutain Bike (The Meat Saw!!!)

Spent some time catching up with my old buddy the mountainbike today. I rode most of the time with my training buddy, Adam, and included commuting to and from work in my total times. Adam is much much better than me on the mountain bike and really made me suffer for a bit today. Not to mention that I was on a rigid singlespeed 29er and he was on his little flashy suspension and gears rig...Wuss! (Just kidding man, you killed it today. I've very impressed!)

This time of the year is all about fun. I know it's the offseason and I shouldn't be pushing too hard, but it's difficult not to want to go at it a bit with all the fitness I've accumulated over the last 12 months. Still, I'm being carefull not to over due it. Right now I'm going to limit myself to a top end of 10 hours a week. I figure that will be just enough to keep me happy and active, yet not fry myself for the work to be done this upcoming season. Of course, I don't have to do 10 hours, just no more than that.

I'm really looking forward to running tomorrow and have fallen in love with it again. I think the idea of not having to cover a specific distance or time in training has re-energized me. There's nothing like just going out and having fun. I love putting my ipod on, slipping my sneakers on, and just heading out for whatever amount of time and miles. I ran everyday last week, but I honestly couldn't tell you how long or how far I went. I just allowed my mood to dictate the pace and it suited me just fine. Sometimes I'd run fast and sometimes I'd run slow. The important thing was that it felt like I was playing the whole time. It's really refreshing.

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