Monday, October 12, 2009


Had and awesome day training wise today. I hesitate to even call it training as there is really no focus to it whatsoever. However, being still new to this sport, I guess that any swimming, biking and running I do can be construed as training. I'm definately still at the point where doing any of the three sports is beneficial to me, no matter the focus of the workout.

Today was an easy 90 min spin with a friend, and a super fun 3 mi run with my dog. I know three miles isn't really much, but there was over a thousand feet of climbing in that 3 miles, so I guess that means something. Either way, all I'm looking for right now is fun. I could still easily be in the mode where I just want to "go, go, go!" but there's really no reason for it. I've yet to burnout in this year of training, either physically (with one small exception) or mentally, and I want to proctect myself from that. From what I know about myself and what I've heard from other successful athletes, burnout (mental and physical) and overtraining are worse than being undertrained. While I don't wish to be either, I'll certainly take the latter.

The weather is getting colder here and I'm loving it. The summer was short, but now that it's time for a little rest, the cool weather makes everything better. The smell of the fall is in the air and the leaves have started to turn. Makes me just want to take out the mountain bike and put on the trail shoes! Lots of outdoor fun ahead.

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