Monday, October 26, 2009

Rest Day

Today it's back to formal training. The time I spent away from structured training flew by. What was in reality a few weeks feels more like a few days. I'm still super motivated, but boy did I enjoy my free time. Still, triathlon is what I love and training brings me a lot of joy. It's never a chore to get on the bike, out for a run, or even in the pool. As a matter of fact, I wanted to swim today! The thought actually crossed my mind to get to the pool, screw the "rest day", and start putting in some laps. I managed to get rid of the urge and hit the trails on the mountain bike for 3 hours:). So much for the rest day!

I don't count the mountain biking as training though. It's most like a weight lifting session combined with some fast downhills, and gorgeous fall folliage. It's soothing and it keeps my head on straight. I don't track my milage, speed, or pace, and I couldn't care less. It's one of the things that I do for my head so if I decide to do it on an "off" day, so what. As long as it doesn't interfere with my training progress, I don't see it as a bad thing.

As far as Ironman goes, I'm still having trouble making a decision. IM Louisville is in September next year and there are still spots availible. I'd like to do Arizona, but I don't think it will be possible given my current financial situation. Louisville is closer to me (be it 13 hours by car), and there may be a better opportunity for me to qualify for Kona in doing it-which brings me to my next problem: Is going to Louisville and getting a Kona spot because someone didn't accept their's a good way to go? And is it good to go to a race that a lot of people will not try to qualify at because it's so close to Kona a good way to go? In otherwords, I really want to earn my spot. I don't want to get it in a roll down, and I don't want to get it because other "studs" in my age group didn't show up. If I go to Kona, I want to know it's because I'm a good freakin' triathlete. It may be hard-headed, and other's may not agree with me, but that's what I want.

So this is my problem as of now: Do I go to Louisville because it's closer to me and there's a better chance to go to Kona? or, Do I race Arizona against a tougher field, spend a bit more money, and lessen my chances of qualifying? I have faith in myself enough to stick it up to the other top AG'ers, and race in Arizona, it's just the money thing that really gets me. I think I can swing it, but it's gonna be tough.

It's funny though because I think I'm answering this for myself even as I type. I think the obvious choice is IM Arizona. I have a gut feeling that's drawing me to this race for some reason. Like I've said before, the toughest decisions are the ones that mean the most. This may take some time...

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