Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No training

No training today, but I will run with a client and commute to work on my road bike. This time of year is so wonderful on Long Island, it's a sin not to get outside. I've never understood why people around here don't appreciate it more. The change of seasons are beautiful around here, yet all anyone is concerned with is eating crap and driving around in their big SUV's. Weird.

Although I'm already missing a structured training regimin, it is nice to just go out and ride or run with no objective in mind. I'll take the long way to work when commuting on my bike, and I'm sure this afternoons's jog with a client will me more of the same-just a nice easy stroll paying more attention to the leaves and the cool air than the pace and my heart rate.

Still don't feel anything but mild soreness after Sunday's race, and now I'm certain it's an indicator of where I was able to get my body to before the race. It'll be exciting to see where it will go from here. I plan to do a lot of base work this offseason and hopefully carry over some of the fitness I've earned. Of course it's not wise to continue to train hard, so I'll take it as it comes for now. If I don't feel like doing anything, I won't. If I do feel like doing something, I will. It's just that simple. Everything is for fun and pure enjoyment now. Nothing forced.

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