Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Somebody Let The Puppy Out...

Just enjoying my morning cup of coffee and thinking about how I'm so green to this sport. It's been a couple weeks since the end of my season, as well as the end of my first year with a great coach (www.johnhirsch.org), and therefore the end of my first year with an actual "plan" of training to follow. I can't imagine how I ever trained for one minute without an actual training plan to follow. Granted, I only did a few races without it, but they just make soooooo much sense. In these days without one, I enjoy the freedom to do whatever I want, but at the same time am anxious because I want to do everything! The worst part is, there's nothing to hold me back.

After yesterdays 4 hour mtb ride (which was super fun!), I'm really feeling it. For the first time since my last tough training day, I was ready for bed before I was ready for bed. It was great to feel spent from a day outside, but at the same time I'm thinking I'm overdoing it a bit for right now. Commuting to work is one thing, but spending your whole afternoon on the bike is another. I feel like a puppy that has all this extra energy and no where to put it!

I have put a 10 hour cap on my workouts, but I think I may back off of even that for just this week. Yesterday's effort, while super fun, was still tough. I'm used to pedaling and pedaling for hours, but not up steep trails on a singlespeed rigid mountain bike. It's fun, but it takes a toll.

Today will just be a little jogging with clients-probably 3 miles with one and 3 miles with another. I've got a couple folks that want to do 5k's around Thanksgiving. It's so exciting to see people who thought they could never run more than a mile not only wanting to enter races, but take their age groups as well! Super psyched!

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