Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just Commuting

No training again today. Just commuting via my road bike. I did manage to get in about an hour of riding with a friend as she preps for IM Arizona, but I wouldn't call it training-more like a social hangout ride, which is exactly what I want right now. Just cruising along, enjoying the weather and doing whatever makes me happy. All told, I'll get in about 2 hours of riding today as a result of my trips back and forth from work. I'm really getting the hang of commuting by bike and love the happy feeling I get from riding. I think it's really making me perform better when I'm working!

Otherwise I'm excited to watch Kona this weekend on Universal Sports. From what I can gather they're going to be running a live feed the day of the race. I'm excited to be able to watch the race live. I'll be going to watch/volunteer at a local sprint that morning, so it should be a great day full of triathlon!

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